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We can deliver one cubic metre of seasoned and split mixed hardwood within 10 miles from only £90 .


Firewood is available in nets or as bulk delivery - you choose.


Mixed woodland consists of Ash, field maple, hazel, cherry and alder.


Why not come by the farm and buy a net full of logs for just £4 or 3 for £10 and try before you buy more?


The boxes we use to sell by the cubic metre are 1.01m x 0.94m x 1.16m internal dimensions. This is 1.1 cubic metres, so you get more than we specify.




• Weight is dependent on how wet the wood is, whereas volume does not change with moisture content.


• There is almost no difference in heat output between hard and soft woods by weight. The main difference between them is the volume of wood you will need to burn. Softwood is around 50% bulkier than the same weight of hardwood.


• Dry softwood logs provide a good flame and burn well, but burn more quickly than a hardwood log of the same volume.


• It does not matter how the hardwood logs are dried, it is all about the level of the moisture content within the hardwood, the lower the better.


• Kiln dried logs are no better than normal seasoned hardwood logs of an equivilant moisture content.


• Calorific content is often used to sell logs, a log dried naturally to the same moisture content as a kiln dried log will have the same calorific content.


• Modern wood burning stoves burn hot enough to remove all the resin, therefore they have no increased risk of chimney fire. Burning wood in one of these stoves is around 70% and in a dedicated boiler, can be over 85%.


• Wet firewood can be extremely damaging when mixed with coal. Much of the coal and smokeless fuels have a high sulphur content. When water vapour from wood combines with suplphur, it is likely to form sulphuric acid on to any cold surfaces within the system.


Carbon Neutral


Burning firewood is environmentally friendly because it is Carbon neutral. Carbon released when wood burns is all the Carbon that was absorbed from the atmosphere when the tree was growing. No new CO2 or locked away CO2 is released.

A small amount of CO2 is produced by machinery and vehicles used to harvest, process and transport the firewood.




At Willock Farm wood comes from Cambridgeshire County Council owned woodlands.

These are managed under the Forestry Commission Woodland Improvement Grant Scheme








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